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From AllBud.com: Blue Goo - A cross of the famed Blue Dream and Afgoo strains, this sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa-to-indica ratio of 60:40) can be heavy on THC content: more than 22% at its most potent. The CBD content, meanwhile, is less than 2%, so Blue Goo is more effective at treating conditions relieved by THC than it is at treating disorders relieved by CBD (including epilepsy). It's best used to treat depression, anxiety, and nausea. It's also effective in treating chronic pain and migraines. Though the strength of this strain varies considerably, the most powerful crops deliver a might blow that can make for a stimulating, energetic high. The effect is strongly euphoric, with a mood boost and deep relaxation. It's a relatively focused high with mostly cerebral effects. Adverse effects include dry mouth and dry eyes. This train tastes of sweet blueberries, while it smells of berries. Blue Goo can be found in many areas, though it's most popular in Colorado, the West Coast, and Arizona. It's prized mostly for its potentially high THC levels, but also for its euphoric high and calming effect.

Blue Goo (H)

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