*Actual photos of buds from our batch above.


Note that this is an Indoor Flower (💡) gift: Please see relevant secret pricing here.


Grower's notes: Fresh-cut organically grown indoor. Slightly sativa leaning (55/45). Very fresh (harvested less than a month ago), very sticky. Nose and flavor are piney/skunky/gassy. Starry Trichomes. Very strong!


About the strain: Chemdawg 91 is reportedly one of four seeds sprouted by a Grateful Dead fan named Chemdog in 1991. The others are called Chem’s Sister, Chemdawg D, and an unknown fourth that was disposed of, according to several sources.Chemdawg 91, also known as Chem 91, 91 Chem, and Chemdawg 91 Skunk VA, is descended from an unknown lineage. This strain is commonly said to have a strong aroma of diesel, pine, and citrus with similar tastes.

💡ChemDawg (H)

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