*Actual photos of buds from our batch above (coming soon)


Note that this is an Indoor Flower (💡) gift: Please see relevant secret pricing here.


Grower's notes: Organically grown hydroponic indoor. Runs sativa heavy. Very fresh (harvested less than a month ago), very, very sticky. Amazing nose is of fresh lemon and sweet pine. The skunkyness is subtle at first because it's so fresh, but leave the room, come back, and you'll def. smell. a skunk ;) 

VERY strong sativa effects. Not for the newbs!


From aproperhigh.com: "Lemon Skunk Diesel is a flower thick with CBD and sour citrus. The CBD amps up the relief factor, while the high should sink you into a state of calm and focus. If you're feeling lazy, this could help to reverse you back into a functioning human. The soothing relaxation paired with an energizing body high makes this a popular flower."

💡Lemon Skunk Diesel (S)

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