NEW Organic solvent-less "nug-run" shatter.


Notes: We're now calling this "rosin" because it was literally the finest "shatter" we've ever seen. Smells like a fresh harvest. Hits and tastes like a dream. Made from fresh harvest, nugs only (not trim), and you can definitely tell. Much like live resin though not cryofrozen.


Currently available in:

- Gorilla Pound Cake (H)


From Leafly: "Solventless shatter, a type of rosin that maintains a stable and glass-like consistency, may resemble butane hash oil in appearance but was manufactured with nothing more than heat and pressure. Hash oil of this consistency is achieved both through the acquisition of certain genetics and the right combination of heat, pressure, and exposure period." 

Organic Solvent-less Nug-run Rosin (1g)

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